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Amy Leeが謝罪


この前、COLDのテリー・バルサモがEVANESCENCEに正式加入したニュースがありましたが、その時ヴォーカルのAmy LeeがCOLDのことを語ったことについて、彼女がCOLDのオフィシャルBBSで謝罪したそうです。

EVANESCENCE singer Amy Lee has apologized online for disparaging remarks she made about COLD last week, when she revealed that COLD's former guitarist Terry Balsamo had permanently joined her band. Writing to COLD's official message board, Lee said, "Dear COLD fans, I'm sure the last thing you want to hear right now is more of me running my mouth, so I'm going to make this short and simple. It was not my place to make any statements about the status of COLD ? COLD is not my band. I apologize. I've never claimed to be perfect and I'm not too proud to admit when I'm wrong. To the band: Sorry guys, I didn't mean to hurt anything for you. I'm new at this and I still sometimes forget that the world is listening." In a separate posting to the EVANESCENCE forum EvBoard.com, Lee wrote, "In an interview recently I spoke out of turn about the status of COLD. I just wanted to say that really sucked of me. I didn't realize that COLD hadn't made any statements about the future of their band and we don't really know anyway. COLD's fans hate me now. My bad. If you're a COLD fan, I left an official apology at the COLD website. Sometimes you forget you have a microphone in your hand."

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