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CoreyとMylesが語るPearl Jam



Exclusive: Pearl Jam Stories from Josh Brolin, Ethan Hawke, Soundgarden, Duff McKagan, Slipknot, System of a Down, Avenged Sevenfold and More

その中にCorey TaylorとMyles Kennedyのコメントがあったので引用します。

Corey Taylor of Slipknot & Stone Sour

It was on Ten. I've got to say that Ten is their best record to be honest—and not because of the singles. It's because of the songs in between like "Why Go" and "Porch", which is a great fucking jam. Before "Black" became a weird "non-single" single, there's "Black". "Release" is so gorgeous. That song will break me down and make me fucking cry like that. "Garden" is an amazing song. "Once" is incredible. I could basically quote the entire album. That transition of "Oceans" into "Porch" is very cool. However, I will say the best Pearl Jam song is "State of Love and Trust" from the Singles soundtrack. The way those chords play out and the way he plays those chords is so righteous. That's fucking rock 'n' roll.

Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge

The first time I heard Pearl Jam I was actually watching MTV. The music video for "Alive" came out. I remember hearing about Mother Love Bone. It was one of those bands my friends would talk about when they'd go over to Seattle. Pearl Jam had such a fascinating story. It was all happening, and then Andrew Wood died. Then, they found this surfer guy Eddie Vedder from San Diego. The rest is history. It's a pretty incredible story. Ten and Vs. are amazing records, and Eddie is such a phenomenal frontman. I have a lot of respect for those guys. It's funny. Growing up in Spokane, I'd hear rumblings about the grunge scene. I remember a demo circulating with Alice In Chains' "Queen of the Rodeo", which was really cool. Personally, I rediscovered it later. You can't help but look at that movement with reverence and appreciation. It was one of the most important movements as far as American rock 'n' roll goes.

ええと、ちょっと突っ込んでいいですか?Myles、何故にAlice In Chainsの話題まで出す(笑)
彼の口から"Queen of the Rodeo"なんてメジャーじゃない曲名を聞けるのは逆にうれしいですけどね。


Happy Birthday Myles!!

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