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Slash Loves News Of The World 24th May 2012

Slash has released a new album called Apocalyptic Love in conjunction with Classic Rock magazine. In a special edition magazine that can be bought with the album, both the legendary axe man and singer Myles Kennedy place Queen's News Of The World in their Top 10 albums of all time.

Here is what they have to say about Queen's 1977 release...


Queen were always mad geniuses. They wrote a lot of songs that didn't necessarily appeal to me, because they were so orchestrated. But when they dug in to do something mean or hard, they could do it better than anybody. News Of The World has Fight From The Inside, one of my favourite Queen songs, and also the brilliant Get Down Make Love. This is just my favourite end-to-end Queen record.

Myles Kennedy

This was the first record that I bought as a child. I was about six and I was playing T-Ball (junior baseball) and my team lost. They were playing We Are The Champions over the intercom, and it made me feel better even though we had our butts kicked. I remember the power of Freddie Mercury's voice and the beauty of the song. And the guitar solo on We Will Rock You, that's just magic.

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